Monday, July 26, 2010

Battery Powered LED

This project was a simple five minute put together to show the girls basic electricity.  The concept was easy, have an LED powered by a 3V battery (size for say car alarms).  I went to Fry's Electronics to pick up the parts as they are going to be used in a future project.

I wanted a light weight batter that would fit in a rocket tube and not be to heavy, so I picked up 2 of these batteries and two red LEDs.  

I did the basic setup before I invited the kids over to try it out. I connected wire to the positive and negative sides of the LED with electric tape.  Next I taped the positive wire to the positive side of the battery with a strip of electrical tape, and left the negative side open.

I showed my daughters how to touch the battery and the light will come on and then under supervision I let them move the wire over the battery and watch the LED light up.  A nice simple project to spend some time with my daughters.   And just do everyone knows the extra red wires at the bottom of the picture are not connected to anything they are just two strips that I did not move from the picture.