Monday, August 9, 2010

New Projects to look at

I spend a lot of time over at Make and Instructables viewing their content to try and find new projects for my daughters.  I think I am going to try these next.

  • Lemon powered light
  • Tomato power light
  • electromagnetic levitation
  • Silly Putty
  • Lego mold for ice cubes and chalk (thanks to GeekDad).
  • DIY Chalk ( thanks to Crayola) going to use the Lego Blocks from above for this.
  • DIY crayons.

I have to order the moldrite for the Lego molds which will cost about $45 and wait for that to be shipped for at the chalk, ice cubes, and crayon projects to make them look like Lego's.  I also need to pick up some other silicone designs for putting in the oven for them also (hearts, diamonds, ect).

For the other projects its should just be trip down to the local grocery store to pick up the items.  And I need another potato to try and redeem myself on the LED powered light from a potato.

The marshmallow shooter is not going as planned I really dont like the twisting of the PVC ball, but I think that a inline sprinkler valve will weigh to much, but at what point does cost outweigh functionality.