Monday, August 23, 2010

Projects Idea's and wishes

After taking a look at SparkFun it has made me want to do the High Altitude Weather Balloon even more.  I guess I will have to start saving some money to buy some parts for it.  I don't think I will go all out like they did @ Sparkfun, because I just don't have the money for that, and besides I have other projects that I want to tackle.

I need a sponsor for my projects with my daughters, maybe it will save me some money.  Just think I can post a ad on the side of the Styrofoam going up into the atmosphere.  But enough of that, other things I need is the moldright to make some Lego silicon designs for chalk, ice cubes, and crayons.

After that I will have to reevaluate what other projects are good for a 5 and 3 year old and go from there and experiment.  I am glad I check out makezine on a daily basis always gives me some good idea's to start from.