Sunday, August 1, 2010

Rockets in Flight

Today we had our test flights with the new rockets and well they went pretty high, but they never released the parachute.  I guess its back to the drawing board with these rockets.  One of the good things though is since it had a "payload" section that was the part of the rocket that got the most damage. 

I think I have to lighten up the nose cone a bit, and also make the parachute smaller and have the nose cone release easier, but overall it was still a blast to watch the rockets go off.  I also purchased Estes rocket for about 6 dollars that fit over 1/2 PVC that went about 10 feet in the air and then it dropped and opened the chute.

I think I can modify that rocket to be able to be shot off the my rocket launcher, so  I will also make some changes to that rocket.  Next will be to add the LED light to one of the rockets and have them shot off at night, probally in about a week or so. 

Till next time.