Monday, September 13, 2010

Projects for Kids

I have been trying to figure out the next project for my daughters.  I would like to try and keep the costs reasonable but I also want something that will interest two little girls.

I have to confess that I am a gadgets geek, and like to see things explode, love fireworks.  I think my daughters love them to.  But in this day and age its kind of hard to build your own fireworks like when I was younger.  Before I realized that they could be dangerous, but then there is no learning is there?

I want to make some silly putty, and maybe some chalk, but beyond that I have run out of Ideas.  Maybe we could build some walkie talkies out of something, hmm might have to search something on that.

I think that I will build the night-vision scope from the vhs camcorder and that should be fun for the girls to play with for a bit.  I think they maybe a little to young to understand a few concepts, but its always about how to "amaze" them and get the involved.   I still want them to build some rockets for the air cannon, that is always fun.

And maybe I can find a use for that side LCD on the old vhs camcorder, so far I cant find any idea's online for it.   Maybe I can make it so they can watch movies on it, but we already have a portable DVD player.