Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Carnival a huge success

Tonight our neighborhood had a Halloween carnival and I think it turned out great and was a huge success.  There were many games for the kids to play and machines were rolling out the fog.  Everyone seemed to be having a great time tonight.

There was a ring toss, a bean bag toss, balloon dart, and spin the wheel to name a few, they even had a witch's station.  I was running around with my youngest daughter from station to station (mostly one since she like to repeat them multiple times).  The candy and deserts were also very good, but then again I love candy.

Almost everyone was dressed up except me, maybe next year, but its always fun to see what everyone dresses up for Halloween, it still is one of my favorite holidays.  Right up there next to Christmas.

I wish I was there a little earlier to help setup and prepare maybe next holiday party?  I can't wait till they are all a little older so we can put some scary stuff up.   You know the usual stuff, tombstones that pop in half, or hands that pop out of the ground.  Maybe some chilled fog?