Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween pumpkin carvings.

These are not your usual pumpkin carvings.  I was at Michaels and purchased to decorative pumpkins about a week ago for another project that I never got the parts for.  But since I had them sitting around I decided to have some fun with my daughters today.

With these pumpkins I don't have to worry about them getting old or decaying, and I also don't have to worry about them catching fire.  They are also a lot lighter then a normal pumpkin.

The first pumpkin was "carved" in the most basic sense of the word with the Mr Potato Head "Skeleton Head".

I had to use a skewer stick to get the holes started for the parts to this one and then had my daughters help push the pieces all the way in.   Overall I think this one came out pretty nice, and they enjoyed it also.

The next pumpkin was just a simple carved pumpkin.  A lot harder then I remember when I was a kid.  But then again I was using a real pumpkin back then not a hollow Styrofoam material pumpkin.  This one I had the girls draw up a blueprint of how they wanted to pumpkin and I got hacking away to it with a knife.  Not half bad if you ask me.  It gets the job done.  I also added a flickering LED Voltaire candle.    The girls wanted a scary pumpkin so this is what they got.