Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Need some ideas for decorative pumpkins.

The other day I picked up some decorative pumpkins from Michaels with the intention of doing the cool LED as posted earlier, but I think that might be over my head, and budget at the moment.  So now I have a few pumpkins sitting around and trying to think what I could do with them.

It would be even better if I can get something together so I can create something with my daughters so I don't need it to be to technical.  I can maybe prebuild a few parts so my daughters can help just in connecting, but I need idea's.  

Also I don't really need to be spending tons of money, so that also might limit what I can do.  I wish I had a fog machine that would be cool probably to have it pumped through a pumpkin, but there ya go again.  Thirty or more for the machine, and what ten bucks for the liquid.   But I would want it to make cold fog to sit on the ground so that would be more money (more fun though). 

But back to the pumpkins, any idea's?  I was just going to do some pumpkin carvings with the girls on the the decorative, but I want to spice it up beyond that.  I still need to get a few parts for the ghosts and I hope I find the parts soon, or get them ordered online soon.  Which ever comes first I guess.