Thursday, November 4, 2010

Breaking to learn

I think everyone remembers taking apart something when they were younger (or even as an adult) and then trying to put it back together.  How many times have we put things back together and had extra pieces lying around, but it still worked?

The old radio?  I remember taking one apart, and having a few spare parts left over (use for another project right).

I want to be able to let my daughters have the same experiences and learning in breaking to learn.  I think I will have to go find some gadgets that are:

1. Cheap
2.  Easy to take apart

I am thinking Radio, Walkman (old ones), walkie talkies, and Ill think of some more.

To learn and better understand things you have to see how things work.  The only way really to see how things work is to take them apart.  In the process of deconstructing something you are bound to learn something about how it was built or how it was used.  This skills can be used in all aspects of life as children grow up.

I believe that you have to learn to break things so you can try and fix them.  And in the end does it matter if it gets fixed, well maybe sometimes. Just make sure its nothing of to importance that you are break/fixing.  More importantly is that they learned something in the process.