Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tin Can Walkie Talkies

Over the weekend my daughters and I were able to do a few projects with varying degree's of success.  Overall it was a great success and more importantly we all had fun.  The first project that I am going to cover is the Tin-Can Walkie Talkies.

As you may know I have been searching for a way to build analog walkie talkies and finally decided to go the route of the tin can walkie talkies as a building block to the real walkie talkies.  A simple project, but I did the majority of the work on it today as I didn't want them to hurt themselves with scissors as the make a hole in the cups.

A simple design as you see above.  The hardest part was trying to find a place to test these while instructing the girls to hold the string taunt.  They kept wanting to walk closer together which would wreck the experiment.  Not to mention a cat who likes to jump and pull on the string.

I had each of my daughters in their own room and I stood in the bathroom between the rooms as directed traffic so to speak.  They were able to talk and hear each other, I had them each say a number with door slightly closed so they could not hear the actual talking.  They were able to pick up the words.

They were impressed with the project and it only took a few minutes of finding parts and building, another great project done.