Sunday, May 6, 2012

AppBlaster from AppToys

Today I was walking around the store and I happened to see the AppBlaster toy.  At first I thought it was the new Nerf Lazer Tag because it was in the same area as the Nerf guns.   I almost picked it up, but decided I should wait a little longer (and make sure my old iPhone still works).  

This gun is for iPhone/iPod only, and since I have been using Andriod for so long I have to see if my old phone still turns on.  But now I have to decide which one I should get.  You have the AppTag (a kickstarter project I wrote about a while back that can use either iPhone/iPod or Android phones.  Next you have the Nerf Laser Tag which only uses iPhone/iPod but they state they are working on an Android version.  And then you have the AppBlaster.

At 19.99 the AppBlaster is probably the cheapest one out there, followed closely by AppTag, and then Nerf.  I think I might just pick up all three and see which is the best.  Right now I think that the sway point will be what apps are available for each of these systems and how much they cost.

Also I would like to see how they hook up to the guns, and out of curiosity are the apps usable all around.   Say I bought the AppBlaster could I use the apps that are for the Nerf Lazer?  If anyone has picked up the AppBlaster let me know how it is.