Wednesday, November 7, 2012

CM10 Install on SGS 3: Part 3

After re-doing the ODIN for the stock ROM, I was ready to hit the ground running with installing CM10.  I installed ClockWorkMod, and then added the recovery for the SGS III on my phone.  

Next I downloaded the newest CM10 nightly 11/06 and the Google Apps which I think is 20121001 or something close to that. I was thinking of getting the 4.2 Google Apps, and I still might but for now I will stick with the 4.1.2 Google App.

After they all downloaded, I rebooted my phone into recovery, I did a factory reset.  Next I flashed the CM10 rom, and the Google Apps and the rebooted my phone.

The whole flash, reboot and setup process took about 5-10 minutes and from there I was up and running with CM10 on my phone.

I now have CM10 or a variant of it running on my Captivate, Kindle Fire, and Galaxy S3.  Overall I think they process to get CM10 has been made easier then when I first started using CM7.