Friday, July 23, 2010


I have been searching for a while for a micro sized altimeter that I would be able to use on the compressed air rockets all the way to the real model rockets, and I believe that I may have found one that I like.  At 50$ its not to expensive, and I am not sure I could build one as small and nice as the one available.  My soldering skills are not something to write home about,

The AltimeterOne  from Apogee Rockets look like it fits the bill.  This model comes with an LCD screen so you can accurately tell how high the rocket went.  From other sites I see that most use a blinking light system which would work, but I like the simplicity of an LCD screen, and it looks like it did not make the device to much bigger either.  I hope to be ordering one of these when it comes out of back-order.  As of the other day it looks like the company was recalling the item due to a miscalculation at certain heights. 

I think that its outstanding customer service that is updating all the ones already sold, and working to get it fixed before sending out anymore.  Once I get one I will write up a little review of the altimeter.  If anyone has any experience with this model, or knows of another model that might be better please let me know.