Friday, July 23, 2010

Stomp Rocket

Another DIY project that I wanted to tackle with my daughters was rockets.  I wanted to be able to show them every thing there is to know about rockets:  acceleration,  altitude, design, and payloads to name a few of things that come to mind without the risk of fire.  After a little searching I stumbled on Stomp Rockets.  I found them at the store for about 20$, but I wanted to know if I could build something my self that did the same thing, or if I can make it better.  I did a little more research online and between MAKE, and Instructables I found DIY for stomp rockets. 

This was mainly just a little stomp cannon built from some PVC pipe and an empty three liter soda bottle.   Quick and easy to assemble all you need is some PVC pipe, and PVC elbow, 3 liter bottle and duct tape and you are set.   For support I used smaller pieces off PVC and strapped the contraption to it.  We had the a few of the neighborhood children around when we tried this, and to my amazement the "basic rocket" which was just a 20oz soda bottle flew  maybe 10 feet.

Quick to building I made a rocket out of magazine paper and duct tape.  This one flew to the tops of the trees with a stomp from an adult.  We let each of the kids try and stomp which lead to fun times
by all until we lost the rockets to the tree's or they were just two damaged to continue...  now we want them to go higher...