Friday, August 27, 2010

Collection of Projects from the "Geek Dad" Book giveaway.

First lets say congratulations to the winners of the book.  I did not see the names over at Make, but wanted to put that out first. 

After I posted my submission I had it update me via email everytime someone posted a comment which has been great, I have been able to read about some fantastic projects that Dad and some moms have done with thier children.  I figured it would be great to post about all of these great projects over here so I can reference them later on and so others maybe able to find them.

Mini laser light show with a laser pointer, two motors, and two small round mirrors  - CircutGizmo
Compressed Air Rocket - Andy Johnson.
CO2 Volcano - mensreaj
Alphabet Representation - Scott
Submarine Clubhouse - Vorple
Trebuchet -  Upir
Cotton Candy Machine - Deeg
PVC Lighthouse - solderrider
Cigarbox Violin - Geekmom
Areal Photography - KAP
Light Saber - Wendy
Extract DNA - Kendrick Goss
Water Filtration - jshakespear
Dry ice - TimD
DIY Bubbles - Jereon
Duct Tape Projects - Woody
Bat House - Mike
Rocket Cam - Joeytheboxman
LED Wind chimes - Aaron
Halloween fun - Scootr76

All these projects good great, cant wait to try a few of them.