Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween is near and projects are starting.

As we roll into October and get more near Halloween I am thinking of some spooky projects that I can setup with my daughters to put outside.  I do not want anything expensive out there, just some cool gadgets that either make noises are flash colors.  I would love it to be motion sensitive also, but thats just a added benefit.  It should be able to be powered by a few batteries, I would rather not have to have it plugged into a socket.

Leading up to this I was on make magazine today and saw the LED pumpkin and I already was leaning towards a tombstone that did sort of the same thing.  I will have to read up on it and see what else that I maybe able to add to my idea's.

First things first is I need the parts.  Once I have this project in motion I will post pictures and updates for everyone.  If anyone else has some good idea's for easy and spooky props for Halloween leave a comment.  I would like them to be able to be built with the help of children so nothing to exotic.