Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mini Pumpkin trebuchet anyone?

About a week ago I was talking to my older daughter about something and we got onto the topic of pumpkins  being that its close to Halloween (the best holiday by far in my books).   While we were talking I asked her if she wanted to see some pumpkin chucking and well that brought up a new idea for a project that I know has been done many times.

First thing I need to find is the TV show so I can show my daughter what I am talking about, how can you not be excited about this, watching pumpking being thrown hundreds of feet.

I have already made the compressed air rocket launcher so I want it to be something differant if I build something for the pumpkins.  I also will be using mini pumpkins because I would think they would be safer (probably not, but in my head they seem better).  Next I would need a location, I think I have a place, wonder what they would think of a Trebuchet in a park, also how would I get it there.

It would need to be easy to take apart and fit in a car and the build on site or at least the main parts.  I have a small car, maybe if other are helping it could get a little bigger, but we can see as we build it.  If anyone has any idea's on how to go about doing this let me know in the comments section, also if anyone is interested in trying to help build this together with thier kids I more then welcome the help. I live in the San Diego area so just once again leave a comment.