Wednesday, September 1, 2010

More on the Digital Picture Frame

So I finally got the board mounted inside the frame and realized that the power plug is going to be a challenge.  I have go and drill a hole on one of the sides since I put the board in kind of backwards.  The frame is the ones with one side held with a magnet so I might have to change that  bit to work the way I want.

Its to late today to try and drill the holes for the power and Ethernet so I can start that out tomorrow and go from there.  I really wanted to try and power it up tonight too.  O well things can wait, I just hope it works after I ripped it to shreds.  If not I think I might have one other useless laptop sitting around.

Next I have to bring it to a shop like Michaels and get the matte frame cut for the LCD screen and have that glued on. I would try and do it myself, but I dont think it will come out at all good.  We will see I guess.

Once its all completed I will be happy and I can start my next side project which is I don't know right now.