Thursday, October 28, 2010

I think I found a new project: Nimble Noggin

One of my coworker always brings in those "Skymall" or similar magazines selling the newest gadgets, so today I had a few minutes and decided to take a look through one of them.  I saw an interesting toy that I think I might be able to construct myself.  

It is a toy that reminds me of the game Operation, but you have a wand that you try and move it around a twisted wire without touching the sides.  If it touches it makes beeps, or lights up.  I found the one I saw in the magazine online : Nimble Noggin.
I did a little research and found a few different designs that I might be able to use.  The Noggin is hand cranked, but I could use batteries I guess, we will see.  I think if i can build the main parts and have my daughters help with it, and then be able to play with it that would be great.  It probably wont come out looking anywhere near the real thing but does that matter?  I know I want it to have LED's that light up if you touch it, and it would be also cool if it had a buzzer.  

Another idea would be to have the top wire replaceable to make easier to harder designs to try out, I will have to see about that also.