Thursday, October 28, 2010

Working on sourcing parts for next project

Starting next week I am going to start sourcing parts for the next project which I think will be the HAB (High Altitude Ballon) photography.  I will have to start searching around and get a good idea of what things might be important to add onto it.

Right now I know I will need a
  • weather ballon
  • camera
  • gps tracking capabilities
  • a container

I know over at Make magazine they just had a post about a father/son team who sent one up, and SparkFun has some tutorials over on thier site also on things (though I think they may have gone a little overboard for my needs).

 I also will have to find a good place to launch from, and source some helium (maybe party city), not sure how much it takes to fill a ballon that size.  If anyone has any idea's drop a comment.  Once I start getting the project together I will post some updates.