Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Its late and I need to get started

I got a flu shot today so I decided to take a nap after work, it was 7pm when I woke up.  But I needed dinner so I threw together some jambalaya, but I still need to get started on the second dark detecting LED.

With only a few more days I need to be prepared and ready to go with them to make the ghosts with my daughters.   I will try and start tonight hopefully it wont take to long to do it this time.  Might be an issue though that the tip is no where near pointy anymore, guess I will see.

I will post some pictures of the second one, hopefully it will look a little better then the first.  Will probably still be messy, but at least it should work.  I picked up some more "sheets" for the ghosts, and will have my daughters draw circles for the eyes so during the day you can see eyes.  At night the eyes will light up yellow, or maybe red if I can find the red LED's.