Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Second Dark detecting LED built

I started this one at about 9pm tonight right after I finished eating dinner, and finished by 11:30pm.  Not to bad, getting better at this maybe soon I will get them done in a reasonable time frame.  If I had better skills and better accommodations where I was working I could have probably gotten it done a lot quicker.  Who's counting anyway the important thing is that they are done.

I think I did a better job this time with the soldering, not 100% better but better anyway.  I will have to take a class or something.  I also need to pick up so different color wires, everything is black again so it will be a guessing game were what goes to what, but hey it only really needs to work for Halloween right?

Now that the two are built I am ready for phase two of creating the ghosts.  I need to collect two bottles and some string and precut holes for the strings and for the placement of the LED fixtures.  I think I will do that part tomorrow.  Also I have to cut the sheets to fit so its easy for my daughters to put these things together.

Hope they like them.  Below are pictures of the second dark detecting LED.