Saturday, November 20, 2010

Spaghetti and Marshmallow experiment

After playing the new addictive game Spaghetti and Marshmallows on my Captivate (Android). I went out and bought some spaghetti and marshmallows to do some projects with.  I think we can try and do this tomorrow as I setup some types of sceneries that I would like the girls to try and figure out.

This cant be to complicated because it is for a 5 and 3 year old, but taking at least one level or so from the game and building on that I think I can have some fun with it.  I already have the main two items for this project, all I need know are bracelet size rings, some string, and some cardboard.

For the first one I will use some cardboard and draw a circle on the board at a certain height.  From there the girls will have to build a structure that will have one marshmallow in that circle. Another idea is to have rings suspended in the air and have them build a structure that can get a marshmallow through the hole.

My last thought right now was to have them build a bridge to connect to structures and see if they can do that.  In all these we can add more rings/circles to make it a little more complicated depending on how they do.  I dont know how hard it will be for them to begin with.

I think that my older daughter should be able to do this with just a little help, and I know that I will have to help my younger daughter with getting the spaghetti in the marshmallows without the spaghetti breaking.  Either way it will still be a good time with them.