Sunday, November 28, 2010

I wanted to try snowmaking

I wanted to try snow making as a project this year, but after looking through most of the parts list I think it might be a little bit expensive.  Even if I did one of the cheaper designs I would still need an air compressor and from looking on line they seem to be a little expensive for me.  Besides that I don't think that I can justify buying one just for making snow.

Another item that looks like its required to make any good snow is a pressure washer, that is another small fortune.  I guess I could see if I know anyone in the area that I could borrow the parts from and just assemble it from designs on the web.

Then I would have to wait for the perfect day to make the snow, since we live in San Diego I am not sure that will really happen. I have to read up a little more about weather conditions for snow making to see if it would be even possible in the San Diego area.

I would love to have my girls wake up one morning with snow outside even if its just a little bit of snow.  I know that you can rent snow makers for parties I might have to consider this as the only viable option out there.  If anyone has any idea's leave a comment.