Monday, February 14, 2011

Playing around with the Crayola Chalk Maker

Over the weekend my daughters and I pulled out the Crayola chalk maker and decided to have some fun.  After checking out the results of the reshaping chalk (not so good by the way).  It seemed like this would be the better process for making chalk.

Overall the direction are pretty simple:
1.  Open jar
2.  Put 5 cap fulls of water inside jar.
3.  Shake
4.  Pour

Since I had 2 boxes of the chalk maker we decided to make a few of them that day.  I helped pour the water and then had the girls shake the bottles and pour them inside.  Once they were poured in the mold they are supposed to sit for about 20 minutes (A long time for a kid to wait trust me, but better then the other chalk I tried which took days).

All the mold are set, now its time to ride some bikes to spend some time for them to harden.

They came out looking pretty nice, so nice even that my daughters did not even want to use them as chalk.  They wanted to bring them inside into their rooms to keep.  Another thing I noticed was that once they were done they were cold to the touch, and this was after sitting out in the 80 degree weather over here.  I am guessing that is something to do with the chemical reaction of the harding agent for the chalk.

Either way it was another great project for the girls, now I want to get some different molds so we can make more chalk.