Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My fitbit survived a fall in water

About a week ago I stretched out the fitbit to where it was unable to fit snug on the pocket of my jeans.  Ever since then I had tried to be real careful with it because I just knew that it would fall off.  It happened once before, I was with my daughters at soccer practice and I lost it.

Thanks to some kind stranger who turned it into the office at the soccer field I was able to get it back.  This time I was not so lucky, I went to wash my hands and must have snagged my Fitbit as it flew off the pocket and dropped into the toilet.

I am just glad the toilet was just plain water at the time as I grabbed it out and took a towel to dry it off real quick.  Next i grabbed a zip-lock bag and some rice and threw the Fitbit inside.  I left it inside the rice for about 48 hours to let the rice soak up all the moisture inside.

Last night I finally took it out of the rice and tested it real quick to see if it turned on.  A successful test, next was to see if it was able to charge.  It only took about 30 minutes to fully charge it, and now I am waiting to see if it still last the average of 5 days without a charge or will it be dead in less then a day.

I was just getting back into the groove of using my Fitbit and I really hope that it survived this.  Next I need to find a better way to keep it secure while its on my body.