Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Reshaping Chalk

Over the weekend I was still unable to find the Crayola Chalk Maker so I had to improvise.  I purchased a box of 99 cent chalk from Target and decided to use a hammer, chalk and water and see what I could come up with.  While at Target I also picked up a silicone heart shape mold (probably for ice).  But perfect for two little girls to make chalk or crayons (maybe next).

So we went at it with the hammer as the girls got to choose the colors they wanted to crush.

This was the first batch and I was unsure of how to actually go about crushing the chalk and just adding water, in the next batch I mixed it in paper cups to get a good consistency and then poured it into the molds.   Above I just crushed and added to the mold, then added water, then added more chalk dust.   At the time I was also not sure how this would turn out below is what it looks like after 1 day (this way also takes alot longer then the Crayola Chalk Maker (20 minutes).  I have another batch drying in the garage, I bet if I put it in the oven it would have dried quicker, but then I would have to listen to the wife complain about chalk in the oven.

And below is what is currently sitting in the garage.  The ones above were not as solid as I would have liked but for a trial run not to bad.  I hope this second batch is better, and if not I can always fall back on the Crayola Chalk Maker.