Monday, December 5, 2011

ICS on my Captivate

I have been using my Samsung Galaxy S now for quite a while (Captivate) and for the better part of it I was running CM7.  I had loaned it out and just got it back the other day wanting update to the newest nightly for CM7 which at the time there was nothing new.

But after a little searching I saw that the team had started to work on ICS for the Captivate, and it was in early stages, I think when I caught on it was Build 3.  I jumped at the chance to load ICS on this thing.  One more reason to push the purchase of a new phone a little longer out.  (I am actually surprised that I have had this phone this long).  But its a great phone.

The ICS build is now up to Build 6 and I use it as my daily driver.  So far I have not one complaint about it.  With little use the other day I had it at 14 hours with still 23% left on the battery, I bet on average use I could probably get around 10 hours.  And I know that this ROM is no where near optimized, its a work in progress. it will only get better.

So if anyone has a phone that is sitting on Froyo or even Gingerbread head over to the Cyanogenmod website and see if anyone is working on ICS for your phone.