Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Next Project: Treasure Finder

A few weeks ago I found a cool weekend project over @Make.  It was a metal detector and was considered a weekend build.  I have always loved the idea of treasure hunting, you know panning for gold, metal detectors and all that.  I don't remember ever getting anything worth it while doing these as a kid, but it was the dream that you would find a big nugget of gold, or some lost treasure trove from pirates, or bandits.

I think this would be a fun gadget to play with my daughters after we build it of course.  We can make some initial scans around the block to see what we can find, or I could possibly hid gifts or other items for them to look for.  Maybe I could incorporate it into a bigger picture type thing.  I could possibly use it as a starting point for a scavenger hunt....idea's are endless.

Overall the build states that it a moderate build, so I am not to sure how much I will be able to have my daughters work on it.  I saw that there was some PCB etching with a laser printer, that's beyond anything I have done so that will be interesting.  After that some soldering, which I am horrible at.  One change I think I will try and do is the length of the pole for the detector.

I would like it to have multiple height points, easy enough I think.  I could probably repurpose one of those Swifter/Clorox floor wipes.  Might have to put insulation around it (in case wires touch I would think).  Also probably add the headphone jack, and volume control.  I remember how loud those thing are, don't want to annoy the neighborhood.

Link to Make Article:  Treasure Finder
Picture from Make Article.