Thursday, February 16, 2012

AppTag - LaserTag for your Smart Phone

While I am in search of a cool LaserTag I found another interesting one over at Kickstarter called AppTag  currently seeking funding of 30K which they have 14.2K pledged for the project.  Overall it looks pretty interesting.  It is sort of like the Nerf LaserTag in that its LaserTag that you can add your smartphone into the mix.

From the start AppTag will be usable with your iPhones, iPod Touch, and Android phones.  Another cool thing  is that its rail based so you can add this to your old Nerf guns if you want.  From what I understand that it works well with and of the Nerf guns that have accessory rails. The device uses high frequency sound to communicate between each other and provide an augmented reality on screen with items available like medkits, and ammo.

This looks like a great item so get over there and support them so we can all be using these this summer.