Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Update to the Nerf iPhone Laser Tag

Last night after posting about the Nerf iPhone LaserTag I stumbled upon a comment over at http://technabob.com from their post on the Nerf iPhone Laser Tag.

A snippet of the comment from the post is as follows:

TagFerret writes: 

Couple of corrections, from the inventor/developer/whatever dude:

It’s not that it doesn’t work with Android, it’s just that we won’t do the Android App development until after all the wrinkles are worked out of the iOS App (fewer different devices to have to qualify it on for the initial release). Most Android devices will probably only need a different cradle insert for the phone and depending on their audio connection a cable adapter.

Well this is promising news for me.  I will have to wait and see how long it takes to get the Android App out and then a new cradle.  I can see how there might be a few issues with building a cradle for Android phones as there is no standard placement on ports on these phones unlike the iPhone.  

If it takes to long well then I can hope someone else takes the reigns and make it work with Android.