Tuesday, October 16, 2012

San Diego Food Trucks

So why don't any of the gourmet food trucks do lunch on military bases? I have been following  @SDFoodTrucks, (which is a site that lists all the trucks in the San Diego area) but they are never really close to the downtown bases near lunch, some are near Miramar, but not on a base.   I am not sure of the legal issues around having the food trucks, but they are allowed.  We have had what most call roach coaches on base for as long as I can remember, and trust me not one of them are good.  They are greasy and unappetizing usually having taco, burritos and burgers.

The gourmet trucks have so much better food, and there is such diversity it would be a welcome change for lunch from the mundane Rubio's, Five Guys, Mcdonald's, and others.  They may be slightly more expensive then the restaurants on base, but  I think that majority of the men and women on the bases would use them over the fast food and roach coaches based off the quality of the food.

If anyone has any info on them coming on bases or being allowed on bases I would love to hear about it.