Monday, October 15, 2012

Thinking of getting a Tablet

To set the record strait I already have a Kindle Fire that is running CM10.  But I was thinking of getting something bigger say 9-10 inches.  My three that I am currently looking at are the Asus Infinity, the Kindle Fire HD (8.9) and the Nexus 7 (I know its 7 but it Google)..I wonder how much better the 7 is than a Kindle Fire.

I am trying to get prepared for an upcoming deployment (still have a few months) so I do have time.  I will be using this mostly to watch movies after my shift, and of course a game or two.  Other than that when I hit a port I will be bringing it out with me (easier then a laptop).   

So the basic question are:

1) Do I need something bigger/better. 
2) Can I afford it.

If you had to choose between any of these or if you know one that is coming up by the new year that I should possibly wait for please let me know.  Right now I am kind of leaning towards the Fire HD, but I do like the Asus Infinity.