Saturday, January 4, 2014

Adventures with a Pebble Watch

I have had my pebble watch now for while probably going on 6-8 months.  But the problem was I was deployed.  Not really any use for it while deployed, did not have my cell phone on me, or even on for the most part of it.

Now that I am back I have charged it, and updated the firmware.  It has only been a little while with it on, so I have not been able to get a real feel for it just yet.  Still trying to figure out what I can use it for.  I have not worn a watch in years, and bought this from Kickstarter on a whim.  

I was able to download a few watch faces for the watch.  And I already knew that I could control music from the watch.  And that is about where my knowledge of Pebble is currently at.

I did find an app called Glance for my Galaxy S III (running CM 11), so I installed that on my phone, and pushed it to the watch. With Glance I am able to get weather feeds, stocks, UK train info (dont have any need for train info where I am from), my cell battery percentage, txt messages, emails, and I guess the same basic stuff you can get with the Pebble Watch.

Photo's of the watch are below.  The first one is a Kickstarter Watch Face, and the second one is from the Glance App.  The pictures are not the greatest, and I have still more to try out with the watch.  Currently stuck on loading something.