Saturday, January 11, 2014

A week with a Pebble

I have been wearing my Pebble now for about a week all the time.  Since I have not worn a watch in a really long time, and this being a smart watch I wanted to see just what it could do for me. I just started a class for work this week, and while we are able to have our cell phones with us, its really not polite to be checking it every 5 minutes.

With the Pebble it was great to have my emails, and texts sent to the watch.  I could look at my watch, see if it was important or something that could wait till later.  Push the button and it would acknowledge the text or email, with the bonus of it looking like you were just checking the time. 

Another useful part of the watch was the ability to change the music on my phone.  Currently I have it setup for Apollo music player but might change it to Pandora.  I tested it in a few different scenarios.  At the gym while it was plugged into the radio, a lot easier to skip a song, or replay a song by the watch then having to walk back over to the radio in the middle of a rep.  

Now the next one might sound a bit crazy, but it was quicker and easier to forward song from the watch while the phone was plugged into the car radio via the aux cable.  This way my hands were on the steering wheel, and just had to move a little bit to push the button to forward or reverse the song.

I know there are a few other apps that integrate with the Pebble watch,  I think there is at least one for Fitness, which I will have to find tonight and get on my watch to check it out.  

With the Glance App there are other things available on the Pebble but so far I have not really found a use for them.  At CES they announced a Pebble App store so this will be interesting to see what other things you will be able to do with your watch.

Mercedes just announced that you can use your Pebble for access to the car, to bad I do not have one of them.