Thursday, April 24, 2014

Deciding on a new phone

Its that time again, trying to decide on a new phone.  I am currently running a Samsung Galaxy III with CM11.  I am wanting to switch off AT&T wireless and go with someone else.  Currently I am thinking of going with T-Mobile as they are more cost effective then my current setup.

We have two phones that are not on a family plan, so I might have to move them to that to begin with.  Just had a long conversation with ATT about my current setup.  100$ in overages, and we got a text about the overages at 100 minute mark roughly.  That was very nice of them to wait till we hit about 100$ over our normal bill.

Looking at ATT Mobile share I can probably use the 10GB plan as it shows that I average about 5GB per month between the two phones.  That would put us at about 130$ which is alot better then the 275$ that I just got handed to me.

I was trying to see how much it would cost on TMobile but whenever I select family plan it still reverts to the simple plan so I cannot get an accurate price point to see if it is worth it to jump ship.  

The phones themselves that I have been looking at: Samsung Galaxy S5.  The HTC One(M8) and the OnePlus One.  The best value is probably the OnePlus One at 350$ for a 64GB model, but that would be up front.  If I got the phones on one of the carriers it would probably add about 20$ per phone per month. To many variables to try and figure out how much I will be paying each month on these phones.

If anyone has suggestions let me know.