Sunday, January 4, 2015

CM12 on my Galaxy III (d2ATT)

After watching a thread over at XDA for about a month now, I decided to take the plunge and update my now aging phone to 5.0

Currently you have to download both the ROM, and the GAPPS, and every time you update the ROM you will need to update the GAPPS file.  I downloaded the latest of each of these, with the ROM at 12/25 and GAPPS from 11/09 for 5.0.

The download was easy as was the update (I used Clockwork Recovery) as that is what has been on my phone forever.  The suggest to use TWRP, but figured I would try out with Clockwork.

At the moment it is at the upgrade screen, optimizing apps 100 out of 195.    It was already stated in the thread but the initial update will take a long time.  If I remember correctly it is going from DAVLIK to ART so that alone will take a long time.

After about 15 minutes the phone is ready to use, next is to try the apps, which seem to load quicker then when I was on KitKat.    All my apps are already updated to the newest version, so there was not much waiting on that side of things.    The main app issue is the camera which does not work, but this is a known issue with the CM12 for d2ATT, having been mentioned in the forum post.  But they mention that you can use a few different camera apps.

So far the phone seems to run quicker, battery currently sitting about about 70%, so will see how long the battery lasts with minor use.  I did not notice any difference making phone calls with or without blue tooth, also used Pandora without a hitch.    I do like the Material Design once again, as I think I stated that when I upgrade the Nexus 7.  Which I am still waiting for my Nexus 7 (2012) to be updated to 5.0.2, looks like it might be happening soon, but I will just wait for the OTA.

So far minus the camera, it looks like it could be a daily driver, and I guess that is what I will be using it for till I get my next phone (which might be this week)...OnePlus..