Saturday, March 21, 2015

OnePlus One: One Month

So I have had the phone now for about a month, and so far I have not felt the need to flash it on a daily basis.   When I ordered the phone I guess I never considered the size jump from my Galaxy S3 to the OnePlus, which is actually a big difference.
I was taken by surprise by the size of the phone but I quickly got use to the new size.  My next issue was trying to find a case that would do the phone justice.  I love the back of the phone, but I feared that it might get damaged easily.  As Otterbox does not make a case for the phone at this time I had to search for quite some time till I found one that I liked.

The case that I ordered:


Pretty nice case, and I also ordered tempered glass for the protector, and replaced the plastic screen protector that came with the case.

The phone itself is still on KitKat, but in about a week they say that Lollipop will be pushed to the phone (CM12), or OnePlus OS which is called Oxygen.  I will probably start with CM12, but will also test out Oxygen.  I heard that Oxygen has team members from Paranoid Android so that should be good.

Over all I am glad that I got the phone, and will see how things progress with the phone.