Tuesday, April 21, 2015

CM12S: OnePlus One

A few days ago they announced the release of CM12S for the OnePlus One will be delivered by OTA.   So I waited like everyone else for a day or so, and still nothing showed up, so I went to figure out if there was a downloadable copy of the OTA to install it.

Good thing I did this because as of yesterday they stopped the OTA to add "a feature" which from what I can tell is "OK ONEPLUS", I am guessing to replace OK GOOGLE. I use OK GOOGLE so not a big deal in my eyes, and should not have to wait for this important update.

I found the OTA (Bacon) and downloaded it to my phone, which took a few minutes because my 4G was pretty bad where I was at the time.  The file itself is about 180MB.  I followed one of the OnePlus sites showing how to get into recovery (which is practically the same for each phone as I can tell).  Hold the power and down volume key till the OnePlus Icon shows.

It took about 2 minutes to install, and then about 10 minutes to start back up, there was a few minutes where I was tempted to reboot the phone because it sits at the Cyanogen Logo with no visible changes.

So now I am on Lollipop, 5.0.2 to be exact, and my tablet just updated to 5.1.  I am glad the upgraded to Lollipop for the OnePlus so far there is not many noticeable differences that I can tell from the Nexus 7 version.

If I see anything that stands out for the Cyanogen verse the Stock experience I will update.

For anyone interested in the nightlies changelog for CM12S
And the download themselves