Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pokemon Hunting with the kids

Just in case someone has never heard of Pokemon Go, its a Augmented Reality game by Niantic that was released in June/July of this year.   Since my kids where out of the country until recently and Pokemon was not available where they were at the time we have recently started to play Pokemon Go together.  

At first my youngest would just use my phone and my account for Pokemon Go, and kept telling everyone about how good her Pokemon where.  I mean who can complain she was using a Level 21 which a top Pokemon Vaporeon with 2000 CP.  

My other daughter recently got a phone, so she was ready to play.  But my youngest wanted her own phone to play one.  I don't need/want her to have her own phone (with sim card)  so this past weekend, I pulled out my old Samsung Galaxy S3, loaded up Cyanogen Mod 13 (CM13) and then side-loaded Pokemon Go.  I then setup my phone as a hotspot, and we went for a little walk for her to get her first Pokemon, and of course the kids being addicted to YouTube, they knew how to catch Pikachu for their first Pokemon.

Later that day we headed over to a local Pokemon hotspot (15 pokestops in walking distance) - or driving if you prefer at a slow speed.  I think the kids know more of the "hacks" to the game then I do now.   They were explaining the 10 pokestops in 30 minutes and how you get more loot from pokestops after the 10th.    Next they went on to tell me about renaming the eevee to get the evolution you wanted.

I still had one trick that they didn't know about though;  Lucky egg, and tons of Pidgy to level up.  In short time they were level 5 and ready to join a team.    Over the weekend, I would say that we probably walked about 3 miles and caught somewhere near 30-40 Pokemon.  I had a great time hanging out catching Pokemon with them.