Monday, September 5, 2016

Android TV on Pine64

After I pulled out the Pine64 and dusted it off, I went in search of a microSD reader to start the process of getting Android TV installed on the Pine64.   The instructions listed here are what I used to load the image to the card. -  Android TV Pine64

I did make one mistake which took a little bit to realize why it was not working.  I was getting side tracked with the kids wanting to go outside and play and did not realize the file that I downloaded was .gz file extension, all I saw was the .img.  So twenty minutes later after I finally looked at the file I was able to install the image onto the card.

Boot up was pretty simple, with one issue being the remote control that was purchased with the Pine64 does not have a keyboard.  I was setting up the Pine to use WIFI but I needed to put in the passphrase for the WIFI, but the onscreen keyboard was not showing up, no matter what buttons I was hitting on the remote.

Next stop Amazon for the Aerb 2.4G Mini Wireless Keyboard Mouse.  Arrived the next day, and I was back in business setting up the Android TV.  The setup was easy, video looked great (1080) and the sound was working.  The Android TV version is capable of 4K. but I don't own a TV that supports that.

The only app I have looked to install so far is Netflix which is not on the Google Play Store, going back to the forums they say to side load it, so that will be next on the agenda.  After that Amazon Videos would be good, and Plex or Kodi for my local storage.  Last but not least would be to install some games to try out the Air Mouse on Android TV.