Sunday, September 4, 2016


I recently purchased the TP Link C7 V2 to replace an aging Linksys E2000.  Yes I know its an old router, but I was not using the WIFI as much as I am now.  Initial setup of the TP LINK was pretty strait forward.  The router was purchased from Amazon when it was on sale.   I tried to keep the router with the original firmware, but just couldn't last about 2 weeks after getting it I installed OpenWRT. 

OpenWRT was pretty good, and I had it on there for about a week or so, but it was to much for what I was looking for, I finally settled on DD-WRT for this router.  The setup was pretty strait foward.  I download the stock firmware from TP-Link, and installed it over top of OpenWRT, and then installed DD-WRT on top of that.  

My next task was purchasing a D-Link 862L from Ebay for 25$.  This router is considered a AC1600 but with DD-WRT installed it will be a AC1750, and has the same internals as the TP-Link C7, just in a different shape.  

I wanted to play with wireless bridging/mesh networks so having two routers that use the same hardware should be simple enough. 

Next post will go into setting up the two routers on the same network.