Sunday, September 4, 2016

First Impressions: Pine64

I initially purchased the Pine64 to become an HTPC, sort of like a Roku, or Android TV.  The Kickstarter showed it to have grand plans and backing for builds of my different OS's.   The Pine64 was pretty easy to put together, and wifi was easy to attach.  What I was not expecting was the hassle of trying to type on the screen with the remote control.  The HTPC remote control that came with the Pine64 was horrible.  I wish they opted from the beginning to order the Air Mouse that they now have for sale.   The next hassle was getting an OS that would work on the Pine64, after much reading I noticed that there was an Android image available, but it was months old, and also on based on Android 5.1.  Now there is nothing entirely wrong with that, but considering this was a new piece of software I would have expected them to also be running the newest version of Android.  Even looking into the image, it did not seem like it was created by the Pine64 team (I could be wrong with this).  There were a few other images available for other OS's but I was really looking towards using Android.  Shield TV was out, and now my expectations of what I wanted the Pine64 to do were high.  I knew that it would not do everything the Shield does, or it would not be as powerful, but it was the baseline I was looking for in a set top box.   

I installed the Android image that was available and played around with it for a few days.  It was not easy to use with the default remote control,   It moved off into a drawer somewhere until recently I saw over on the Pine 64 forums that someone has tried another attempt at Android TV for the Pine64.   
Time to dust off the Pine64 and set out to try and get it up and running again this time with Android TV, just maybe ill have what I was looking for.