Thursday, July 22, 2010

First Project: Peppy Pizza

Making a pizza from scratch with my daughters is one of the best ways I love to spend the weekends.   They love to call the pizza "Double Peppy Pizza from Boz the Bear.   Before we started to make the pizza I had to take a trip to the local home depot.

I needed a pizza stone, and I did not like the idea of purchasing one at the store for 30$-40$ or more when I know its just a piece of tile.  Granted the ones you purchase are more to the size of a pizza, but that can be managed other ways.  After a little searching I found the type that I wanted, I purchased 4 12x12 saltillio tiles for about 1$ each.
Pizza Stone

We did a good cleaning of them and let them sit for about 4-5 hours while I made the dough.  Most of the time I make my own dough but every once in a while I will purchase dough from Henry Market or Fresh n Easy.  They taste pretty good, and its a lot easier.

Once the dough was prepped and ready to go I set up the girls red table put the condiments down (cheese, mushrooms, peppers) in small bowls and worked on getting the dough flat.  Once I had it shaped right, I put it on a cutting board with ample amounts of corn meal, and flour.  From there  I had the girls put the sauce, and all the condiments on the pizza.    Here is a picture of one of the pizza's in the oven on the stone.

pizza cooking

We had such a great time making the pizza, and even more eating it.  I think this will done again in the future.  Here is another picture of the pie out of the oven.  Nothing like a NY pizza, but still good if I say so.