Monday, August 16, 2010

Digital Picture Frame (Updated)

I had already installed the OS Ubuntu 10.4 on the broken Dell laptop and following the directions over at I had a pretty nice setup with Flickr.  Yes I know I wanted Picasa but I didn't see any easy way to have it work.  I know in the desktop version of Picasa there is the ability of slideshow, but I dont think it will be as easy as using FlickrFrame.

I think that I may have made some permissions issues so I will have to restart the project (not to worry).  It running off of a 4G USB stick, and at most will probally take about an hour or so to get back to where I was.

One thing that I liked but wished I can pretty it up is pulling an RSS Feed for Weather/News.  So far all I have seen is text super-imposed over an image which is great, but I would like a little more.  I dont know enough about perl, xml or anything of that nature to even begin so that may come later. 

I have to go purchase a frame also for this project soon, once I get it up and running how I want.  Then I can dismantle the rest of the laptop and put it in the frame.