Sunday, August 15, 2010

Samsung Captivate

After seeing what Apple released as the Apple 4 I wanted to see what was happening on the Android front.  I was getting a little bored with my Apple Iphone 3G and kept seeing all these new super phones from Motorola, Samsung, HTC with Android.   I was still on AT&T so my choices were initially limited on the Android front, it was either the Aria or Iphone as I waited I heard rumors of a Samsung phone sporting Android.

I was gettting a little jealous of Verizon and all the droid love over there that I was tempted to jump ship till the day I heard about the Samsung and the fact that it was going to be out on all 4 carriers.

Last week I made the jump and purchased the Samsung Captivate moving away from my Apple 3G while staying with AT&T.  So far I love the phone and the Android OS, cant wait for Froyo to be available on the phone, and I am getting used to the slight differences between the two OS's to get the job done (calling, apps, ect).   

I love the 5MP camera and the speed of the phone, also the integration with Google Voice and all the other Google products is great.   I kind of wish there was a front facing camera, but not sure why.  Probally just to feel that its on par with the other new phones out these days, would I use it? Possibly with Skype, but its not a big deal.