Saturday, September 25, 2010

DIY Hand cranked light bulb project.

I was at the science center today with my daughters and we saw something like this for regular light bulbs and then for CFL light bulbs and I wanted to try and build something like this also on a small scale.  I also have a LED light that fits into a regular light socket. 

I wonder how many cranks it would take to have each of the lights turn on.  I am not sure if I want it to be able to hold a charge for a minute for two, or just see how hard it is to try and power each types of lights.   Another issues is I dont know how much it would cost to build something like this but I would think that it would not cost to much. 

I have done a little searching online but have found nothing that really fits the bill of what I want.  Maybe I have to choose my searching terms a little better.  If anyone has any ideas let me know, and I will post follow ups as I work towards this project funds permitting.