Sunday, November 28, 2010

Follow up to Spaghetti and Marshmallows.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend my daughters and I broke out the spaghetti and marshmallows and tried our luck on building some structures.  It took a little bit of explaining  on how to push the spaghetti into the marshmallows without breaking them, but after a while I think my oldest was sort of getting the hang of it.  It was also a lot harder then I expected, I guess looking back at playing the game and then trying it in real life you kind of forget the whole 3D aspect required for structures.

In the game everything is 2D and easy to build up, not so much on a table.  Also spaghetti is really not the strong either,  I don't know how I could have built big structures but I have some idea's now on how to build them a little stronger so maybe the would get bigger.

For my youngest daughter I built her a sturdy structure that she could try and expand on.  I let her imagination run wild as she was adding spaghetti wherever there was a marshmallow.  The structure did not get any bigger but she still had a blast creating it.

 My oldest daughter was getting the hang of it after a few tries.  I also started her on a basic structure and had her go from there.  She built a few good structures, but she had a habit of trying to force the spaghetti even after explaining it a few times.  She would get frustrated when the spaghetti snapped and would try and start the whole thing over.  I I was trying to get her to approach the situation calmly and gently, but we knows kids like to force things together.   Overall I think she did a good job with her structures.  She had a little help balancing the top portion of this structure.

 Either way we had fun.  After that we all decided to try and build a bridge together and then see how high we can build a structure.  We ran out of marshmallows (I had two bags).  I think we will try this again in the future, but maybe first have a try and the drawing board for a design we will build together.  Below are some of the structures that my daughters and I built.