Wednesday, December 1, 2010

What projects to do for Christmas

I had such great hopes for Christmas projects but they were cut short after realizing the prices.  IE the snow making machine.  But here I am again thinking of new projects for me and the girls.  I am thinking maybe a snowman of some sort.

It can always have LED for buttons, and some coal for eyes, but I need something more for it.  I was originally thinking of adding a camera to it, and maybe making it mobile somehow.  I think that I jumping ahead of my skills once again and in lala land here.

At first I thought of maybe somehow putting an R/C car chassis to the bottom of a Snowman and have it move around.  But that would require someone to be in control.  So now I have to look and see if there are any R/C cars that can be controlled via say the Internet or something like that.

It would be even cooler if it was controller by say a web page and I allowed people to move it around with a video camera attached.  Once again I think that I might be getting ahead of myself because this is starting to sound very expensive, but can't we at least dream here.

If anyone has any idea's or thought's on how to do a project like this that might not cost and arm and a leg please let me know.    Also if I do decide to do anything near of this I will update everyone.