Sunday, February 5, 2012

Makerspace SD: Looking for a Space

Makerspace San Diego has been having pretty regular meet-ups at the local Coffee shop for about 2 months now, and have a solid group of about six that are interested in taking it to the next level.  We are currently looking for a space in and around San Diego to call home.

With a small core of member present in the Makerspace it does not give us a lot of reserve to pay for an expensive place, but because we are living in San Diego I am not sure we will find something that would fit our projected price ranges.   Starting we are looking for something in the 500$ range, and will go from there.

If anyone knows a place, or has connections with people who could help a Makerspace start up in San Diego please get a hold of us.  We can be found on twitter @MakerSpaceSD, or on Facebook @ MakerSpaceSD.  

Everyone currently involved are pretty new at this, so as we start the Makerspace for San Diego we will be reaching out to others who have gone before us for guidance.  If anyone has questions please leave a comment.